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Hook lift trailers

Toplift-HTB hooklift trailers are specially designed to fulfill your transport needs as efficiently as possible.
By using different types of construction units, the Toplift-HTB hooklift can become a water or fertilizer tank, a volume transporter or sand tipper. Silage containers with unloading floor and manure spreaders can also be taken up by a Toplift-HTB carrier, whereby the power is provided by the pump of the carrier.

Toplift-HTB hooklift carriers therefore significantly reduce operating costs because not all units have to be purchased separately, and the work can usually be performed by 1 person.

During harvest time, the empty containers are placed on the land, and the full containers are picked up by the carrier and taken away for processing. The harvester refills the empty containers in the meantime. Drop-off and withdrawal are done in just a few minutes.

Toplift-HTB hooklift systems are built with a frame made of “Domex” steel, so they are super strong and light in weight. The dimensions are according to internationally applicable standards (DIN – NEN – CHEM) and fully compatible with hook systems on trucks used in your country. The agricultural tractor can therefore carry out work in hard-to-reach places and the container can be transferred to trucks on paved areas.

All this makes Toplift-HTB your reliable transport partner for the future.

Toplift-HTB + Trentbox

Key features of the Toplift-HTB hook lift trailer

  • The frame is constructed of high-grade steel bent profiles, making the unit lighter, stronger and narrower. (due to admission in countries with 2.55 meter regulations)
  • All types with axle suspension
  • From TH 1857 on,  standard hydraulic suspension
  • From TH 2257 on, own oil system and standard radio remote control
  • Large systems very fast by means of direct oil flow to main cylinders
  • Various functions standard via L.S. steering tractor
  • Shock-resistant and waterproof radio remote control (IP 67)
  • All types can be optionally provided with stability cylinder to top link Tractor
  • All types standard hydraulic container locking
  • All types Hydraulic support leg(s)
  • Drawbar suspension standard (TH 2667 and TH 3067 hydraulic)
  • Three-axle systems always forced steering
  • To be supplied with approval according to various national legislations
  • Very large option list