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TH1857 / TH1862

The TH1857 and TH1862 are versatile tandem hook lift trailers with standard hydraulic suspension. Widely used for transporting wood chips, silage and light earthworks

Technical specifications

Capacity loading / tipping
18 / 18 T (200 bar)
22 / 24 t (Dependable of axle distance)
Tractor hydraulics
4 DA Functions
System length
5700 / 6200 mm
System weight
± 5500 kg
2 x 140 mm (16 t)
Axle suspension
Brake sizes
412 x 160 mm
Axle width
2100 mm
Axle distance
1550 - 1850 mm
Braking system
Pneumatic incl. ALB controls
Drawbar suspension
Silent block
Drawing eye
Ø 50 mm
Support leg(s)
1 x Hydraulic
Container locking
Hydraulic, inside outside


  • Following axle
  • Forced steering, with K50 cylinder connection
  • Electronic axle steering controls (in combination with forced steering)
  • Hydraulic drawbar suspension
  • Single line hydraulic brakes
  • Basic Electro valve block, 3 DA functions incl. Radio distance control
  • Comfort LS Electro valve block, 3 DA functions incl. Radio distance control
  • Extra DA valve function, controlled by radio distance control
  • Stability cylinder to third point of tractor
  • Toolbox (stainless steel)
  • Scharmüller bullet K80
  • Trailer connection backside incl. brake and light plugs
  • Aluminium side protection
  • Side Markers (LED)
  • TÜV, RDW, PVG Registration
  • 3 axle unit ( standard with forced steering)
  • Tire sizes from 425/50R22.5 till 710/45R26.5